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Commitment and Delivery

Focus on general and commercial management with an holistic eye to finance, R&D and manufacturing. Functional interim management for start-ups and midsize organizations, program management for corporates. Clear scope, objectives, and governance are key to realize the expected results. Conscious phasing provides transparency in the progress of an assignment and facilitates agility given the tasks at hand. Find out the main units of work here!

Twee collega's


The initial scope and governance of the assignment will be formulated and agreed by identifying the purpose, the ways of working and the expected delivery with stakeholders.

Grafieken bekijken


At the start of the assignment, gaps and opportunities in context of the scope are further detailed via broader conversations with stakeholders. A transparent work plan will be developed and agreed upon to ensure realization of the objectives.

Brainstorm sessie


This phase is the core of the assignment. Quick wins, sustainable processes, and improvements are identified, managed and implemented after validation. Capabilities and staff are developed where desired in close and agile alignment with the stakeholders.

Het bereiken van een deal


At the end of the assignment, transfer of activities and learnings is crucial in order to embed the results. Recommendations for next steps will be presented and follow-up or check-ins can be planned if desired.

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