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Activation of Organizational Transformation

Organizational Transformation & Innovation is about innovating processes, systems and structures. That is much harder to realize then technical innovations of new products and services, since it requires Individual and Organizational Change. Many organizations struggle to get these changes accepted and operational. Even specialized "Excellence" teams encounter significant hurdles for implementation of new ways of working. Based on scientific research at Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, AmNova provides insights, practical recommendations and management support to implement successful Organizational Transformations.

AmNova offers three opportunities to identify and implement your success factors maturity and potential improvement areas for successful Organizational Transformation. 

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Quick mapping of your success factor scores to provide insights in potential  improvement areas

The 15 minute quick scan shortlists your scores on the top drivers for success. The results will be send to you by e-mail within 5 working days and will give you a first indication of the focal points for your program.


Supported Q&A, gap and success factor identification and action planning

Four remote sessions to introduce the foundations of the scan, supported Q&A scan, identification of success factors & potential improvement areas and summarizing relevant actions for success.


Interview based on site success factor diagnostics, improvement identification and action planning

Based on multiple stakeholder interviews and cross functional team input, deep dive diagnostics, improvement identification and action planning will developed and presented.

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